The making of Streetfighter 2

Streetfighter 2 was one of the greatest fighting games of the arcade gaming era. In this video it explores how the game came about and the innovative techniques they used to create outstanding artwork.

I am currently designing a course showing you how to make your own fighting game similar to Streetfighter.

I will post more updates when it is near completion


WWE 2K20 game is so full of glitches it is now going viral!

Wrestling games were always prone to a few funny glitches but this latest release is so broken that there are times when it becomes difficult to play.

The glitches are going viral with tons of videos on Youtube, facebook, twitter and more.

This is the reason why games are often released beyond their expected release date, to ensure they are playable and bug free.

At the moment it seems more like a beta release than a completed game. Patches are in the process of being sorted, but it is going to be a giant task to fix this myriad of problems.

Game of the Month: Guns ‘N Stories

Guns ‘N Stories: Bulletproof is a really enjoyable arcade style shooter for VR headsets. I bought this for the Oculus Rift and honestly can’t stop playing it.

Set in the wild west with a single six shooter in your right hand you have to hold off waves of enemies coming at you from all sides. The Oculus touch controllers are really accurate which makes gameplay so enjoyable.

A character voice over helps the story to progress, hence the ‘Stories’ of the title. Whatever he says goes, and he doesn’t have such a great memory. As you progress you get two six shooters, then you get different arsenals of weapons including space age weapons that haven’t even come out yet.

What is fun about this approach is that the story is based around someone’s imagination of what happened, which means anything goes – even alien spacecraft!

The settings are really immersive and just as fun and cartoony as everything else, making a fun arcade experience.

It’s not overly intense or difficult, which is probably why I like it. It’s a great stress buster. Put on the headset and get whisked away to the wild west and have a fun shootout for 30 minutes.

Hey, I think they should have something like this in the workplace…imagine that, want to chill out, shoot some bad guys in the wild west!

The game is available for all major VR headsets. It’s available on Steam and on the Oculus store:

2D Artwork

A beginner’s guide to creating artwork for 2D video games

Discover how easy it is to make graphics for 2D video games

We will create a range of 2D art including static and animated graphics, character sprite sheets and tile sets.

By the end of this series you will have a complete range of artwork to be able to create your own video game as well as the skills to continue to create your own graphics.


You don’t need any previous experience, and you don’t need sophisticated art skills. All you need is a computer and a mouse. The software is free to use online

The course is free on Udemy, so click the link below to enroll