Unreal Engine 5 MetaHuman deepfake

Does this guy look familiar? This is a Metahuman game ready character in Unreal Engine 5!

Testing the new UE5 metahuman (mesh to metahuman, metahuman creator ) with face replacements (deep fake live) to generate a similar corresponding image in the actor’s likeness, in terms of perspective, lighting, and facial expressions.


Ralph Virtual


Unreal Engine 5 is now available!

This Early Access build of Unreal Engine 5 is not production-ready, but this is where, for the first time, you can get your hands on Unreal 5 to try out the new features such as Nanite and Lumen

You will need a powerful PC to run it, as these systems are designed for next gen systems such as PS5.

There is also a demo project to download which showcases the new features. But be aware it is almost 100GB in size!

Check out reviews by other Youtubers:

Have fun trying out the much anticipated update to Unreal


Demand for real time 3D skills in jobs

Unreal commissioned Burning Glass Technologies, a labor market analytics firm, to research the demand for 3D graphics and real-time 3D skills in the US workforce.

In English-speaking countries across the world, real-time 3D skills are pulling ahead of 3D graphics skills in terms of growth in demand. In Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore, the market for real-time 3D skills has grown by over 450%, an impressive ten times faster than that for 3D graphics skills.

Now is the time to learn real time 3D skills, the future is real time 3D.

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Unreal Engine 5 running on Playstation 5

This is awesome! Unreal Engine have released a concept video of their latest update to their ever popular game engine and it showcases some phenomenal new features.

There are no longer restrictions on Polygon counts. The days are gone when game objects had to be optimised to have less than 100,000 polygons. Now there are no limits. The game engine is capable of rendering billions of polygons in real time!!!

Thanks to advances in hardware technology it is now capable of creating real time lights and real time raytracing, giving incredible photorealistic results.

The demo above is of course running on new Playstation 5 technology. This in itself is good news, as it shows that Playstation 5 is going to offer a huge upgrade to Playstation 4.

There’s no news yet of what spec computer you will need to use and develop games using Unreal Engine 5 on PC, mac or Linux. I should imagine you would need to have some seriously good hardware.

This literally is the future of games being unveiled right here. Lots of game developers have started producing reaction videos to this new demo and it is creating a major buzz in the gaming world.

10,000 free Megascans with Unreal Engine 4.24!

Quixel, creator of the world’s largest photogrammetry 2D and 3D asset library, has joined the Epic Games family, and we’re making the entire Quixel Megascans library of more than 10,000 high-quality, production-ready assets free for all use with Unreal Engine!

This is great news for the Unreal Engine, that has now released version 4.24 available to download for free that comes with amazing free assets that will change the look of games in the near future. Not only does it support real time raytracing, but now photorealistic environments!

The movie “The Lion King” utilized the megascans library to bring the impressive 3D world to life. Now you can create your own worlds that look just as impressive

THE LION KING – Featuring the voices of JD McCrary as Young Simba and Shahadi Wright Joseph as Young Nala, Disney’s “The Lion King” is directed by Jon Favreau. In theaters July 19, 2019. © 2019 Disney Enterprises, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

They can be imported directly into Unreal Engine using the bridge tool and it is then just a case of drag and drop to add to your world.

Download Unreal today:

Or visit the Unreal blog to find out more:

Live Action Backgrounds for Film Making in Unreal

Is this the future of film making? Imagine a range of impossible or alien worlds that could be filmed in real time using the ever popular and ever powerful Unreal engine.

Film makers have the opportunity to interact with the virtual environment in real time and produce ultra realistic results, while filming live actors against the project images.

This is also good news for independent film makers. Unreal is free software! All you need is studio space and the ability to film against a digital screen, or projected screen, to achieve professional level results.

CG or Real? Can you tell the difference?

Software researcher Doug Roble debuts “DigiDoug”: a real-time, 3-D, digital rendering of his likeness that’s accurate down to the scale of pores and wrinkles.

Can tomorrow’s real-time digital humans reach a level of realism that’s indistinguishable from the real thing? Using artificial intelligence, deep learning, and Unreal Engine, Digital Domain is on a quest to achieve real-time digital facial performance for virtual production.

This presents incredible opportunities in the future not only for movies and TV, but also video games and animations. CG characters can be indistinguishable from real people, even if they are 150 foot fantasy giants!

This showcases the incredible power of the Unreal Engine. To find out more visit the link below:

Watch the original Ted Talk where Doug Roble presents a talk in real time, with his virtual self copying every movement on screen, live! Visit the link below: