Lighting in Unity

Professional lighting for Built in renderer, URP and HDRP

Welcome to Lighting in Unity where we are going to cover lighting theory for games created in the built in renderer, Universal render pipeline and the high definition render pipeline

We will start with lighting basics, covering color theory, lighting characters and objects, color harmonies for creating great game aesthetics, baking real time global illumination and baking static light maps and using lighting probes for dynamically moving objects

In the built in renderer we will be lighting an interior bar room scene, using available light sources such as windows and wall lights. We will be matching color temperatures to real world values to make the scene look authentic

In the Universal render pipeline we will be lighting a cartoony style horror environment using saturated colour mixes. This could be useful for mobile style games as well as games that feature hand painted stylized graphics

In the High definition render pipeline we will be lighting a realistic scene using different times of day and looking at using fog volumes for volumetric lighting to create impressive visuals for games. We will look in detail at post processing to create AAA visuals for games. HDRP is used for top game titles and so mastering lighting in this render pipeline can be very useful for making your games compete with other top titles

So why not enrol today and I look forward to seeing you in my course

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