Sicko Island!

This is a new game created by Roger Clement at RC1 Entertainment that is now available to buy on Steam.

“SICKO ISLAND, is a survival, horror PC game where you’ll need to find essential items, solve puzzles and fight your way to the General and put an end to the nightmare.”

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Evil Dead – the Game! Out in 2021

This looks awesome. I am a huge fan of the evil dead franchise and this by far looks like a faithful adaptation of not only the movies but also the smash hit TV series Ash Vs Evil Dead.

Great to see so many recognizable characters from all the movies and TV shows. The staple over the top gore is faithfully recreated in the game which in my opinion is going to make this an instant success.

Third Person Shooter (Coming Soon)

I am just finishing off my latest tutorial showing you how to make an exciting arcade style third person shooter in Unity.

It will be over 12 hours of content that covers everything from character movements to intense shooting action.

We look at Raycasting, Navigation path finding, Artificial Intelligence, Root motion animations, spawning, health bars, particle effects, sound systems and more!

I will be uploading a promo video in the next few days