Metal Slug: Game of the Month

Perhaps one of the greatest 2D games of all time, well, in my opinion anyway. I spent hours on this game when I was younger. It has great cartoony graphics, fun settings and exciting gameplay.

A great thing about this game was the ability to destroy parts of the background.

You can pickup a range of weapons including machine guns, rocket launchers, flame throwers and more.

At certain points in the game, you can jump into the tanks and move through the platforms destroying bad guys and helicopters or enemy tanks.

Play the game for free today:

Bouncy Cannon: Game of the Month

Quite an addictive puzzle game. Each level gets harder as you have to try and eliminate all the red objects with a small amount of cannon balls.

Later levels involve trying to save yellow creatures just to make it more difficult.

I got to about level 11. It’s quite a good time filler if you get bored.

Play the game here: