Free Computer Science Crash Course

In this amazing series on Youtube you will find out all about the history of computers and the ways in which both old and new computers work. There are 41 videos in the series. Hope you enjoy it.

Think of it as a summary of a computer science course at college or University. Once you have a depper understanding of how computers work it will help you in designing games and programs to run on the hardware.

The official course description from Youtube:

“Carrie Anne Philbin will be hosting Crash Course Computer Science! In this series, we’re going to trace the origins of our modern computers, take a closer look at the ideas that gave us our current hardware and software, discuss how and why our smart devices just keep getting smarter, and even look towards the future! Computers fill a crucial role in the function of our society, and it’s our hope that over the course of this series you will gain a better understanding of how far computers have taken us and how far they may carry us into the future.”


New Photoshop Udemy Course

I have now completed my new Udemy course for Photoshop:

You can enroll for free. It covers:

The basics of using look up table files to create professional color grades for your colour photographs

How to add and make your own look up tables

How to turn colour photos into professional looking black and white photos

The videos are also available on Youtube. To access the LUT files and image resources you will have to enroll on Udemy (It’s totally free!)