Unreal Engine 5 for Film Making

Unreal Engine is already being used for virtual sets, famously on productions such as the Mandalorian, but also increasingly on many others.

The truly game changing aspect of Unreal Engine, and the thing that now makes it much more of a threat to traditional filmmaking, is that its graphics are rendered in realtime.

Want to set your film in Morocco when you live in New Zealand? No problem. Want to stage a huge space battle with lots of frickin’ lasers? You got it!

From the article By Simon Wyndham


Could you shoot a movie using one lens?

I have just read an interesting article on the Redshark website regarding movies that have been shot using just one lens on their camera.

Obviously most low to no budget movies have to use one lens on their cameras due to budget restrictions, but are there any Hollywood or big budget movies that have also been shot using just one camera lens.

The answer is yes, check out this article to find out which movies:

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