Easy technique for creating 8 bit graphics

In this video from Blue Lightning TV Photoshop you learn how to take a normal image and use Photoshop filters to create the 8 bit graphic style found in old video games.

Blue Lightning has a ton of cool videos and tutorials, check them out here:



2D Artwork

A beginner’s guide to creating artwork for 2D video games


Discover how easy it is to make graphics for 2D video games

We will create a range of 2D art including static and animated graphics, character sprite sheets and tile sets.

By the end of this series you will have a complete range of artwork to be able to create your own video game as well as the skills to continue to create your own graphics.


You don’t need any previous experience, and you don’t need sophisticated art skills. All you need is a computer and a mouse. The software is free to use online

The course is free on Udemy, so click the link below to enroll