Non Photorealistic Rendering in Z brush 2019

A major feature in ZBrush 2019 is the incredible NPR shaders. Below are a couple of example videos of how to use this in Z brush

The results are impressive. Just when you thought Z brush couldn’t get any better, they create this!

Visit the Z brush site:


Fantasy Art

Inspired by the old Conan comics, I decided to create this image.

I set up the characters in Daz Studio:

I rendered out the scene using Iray and a shader called Sketchy which gives some nice ink style outlines. Then I took it into Photoshop for some re-colouring and image post effects.

Not a bad image, took me a few hours to create.

3D Drawing

This is Amanda, the female lead character in a comic I have planned, featuring the werewolf from an earlier post.

I have decided to go with a black and white style as I quite like the level of detail on the character.

The 3D model is from Daz studio. I used Unity to light and render the model. Then I used Photoshop to create the final drawing.

If you like the style, you can discover how it’s done in my Udemy course listed below: “Create comics without drawing”