Stranger Things 3: The Video Game

The game of the month isn’t actually out yet, but this is a great example of what you can achieve with pixel art graphics.

It’s a great idea that the video game for this 80s themed horror show should be a retro 80s style video game. I’m really excited to get my hands on this one.

Thanks to Darsh for bringing my attention to this one on his blog. Read his fantastic article on his site here:


Metal Slug: Game of the Month

Perhaps one of the greatest 2D games of all time, well, in my opinion anyway. I spent hours on this game when I was younger. It has great cartoony graphics, fun settings and exciting gameplay.

A great thing about this game was the ability to destroy parts of the background.

You can pickup a range of weapons including machine guns, rocket launchers, flame throwers and more.

At certain points in the game, you can jump into the tanks and move through the platforms destroying bad guys and helicopters or enemy tanks.

Play the game for free today:

Game Design

A beginner’s guide to creating a complete 2D video game

Discover how easy it is to make a game using Visual coding

By the end of this series you will have the experience and knowledge to design your own games.

You will also have a finished 2D video game which is yours to use for free and you can add extra levels and other items to it.

You will also have the basic knowledge of coding, allowing you to move onto more challenging game engines such as Unity or Unreal.


This course is aimed at beginners who have no experience of game design or coding. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection. We are using the Stencyl game engine which is free to download

In this series you will be creating a complete 2D video game with 6 levels, an end of level boss fight, a main menu, a level select screen and level accomplishments. 

You will learn using an easy to use free game engine which uses visual drag and drop coding.

You will learn the basics of game coding with things like:

  • attributes
  • events
  • conditional statements
  • custom functions
  • creating a graphical user interface


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