Unreal Engine 5 for Film Making

Unreal Engine is already being used for virtual sets, famously on productions such as the Mandalorian, but also increasingly on many others.

The truly game changing aspect of Unreal Engine, and the thing that now makes it much more of a threat to traditional filmmaking, is that its graphics are rendered in realtime.

Want to set your film in Morocco when you live in New Zealand? No problem. Want to stage a huge space battle with lots of frickin’ lasers? You got it!

From the article By Simon Wyndham


Live Action Backgrounds for Film Making in Unreal

Is this the future of film making? Imagine a range of impossible or alien worlds that could be filmed in real time using the ever popular and ever powerful Unreal engine.

Film makers have the opportunity to interact with the virtual environment in real time and produce ultra realistic results, while filming live actors against the project images.

This is also good news for independent film makers. Unreal is free software! All you need is studio space and the ability to film against a digital screen, or projected screen, to achieve professional level results.


In this amazing short video, episode 1 of an ongoing series, we see a man react to the realisation that he’s in the midst of a zombie outbreak!

This was created using Daz Studio, with some very impressive results. It looks like a real movie, and yet, just one person created this in just over 6 months.

It is a great ambassador for Daz Studio, demonstrating that aspiring film makers can use this software to achieve ambitious projects.

It reminds me of Left 4 Dead, the game on the Xbox 360 (which by the way, is one hell of a great zombie game)

Looking forward to episode 2.

Video Copilot Amazing tutorials for After Effects


Video copilot is probably one of my favourite websites. I used the incredible tutorials on here to learn Adobe After Effects many years ago.Andrew Kramer is a great tutor who constantly finds ways to amaze you with stunning after effects tutorials.

I have been recommending this website to my students for quite a few years and every one of them loved the site and have learned so much from it.

The website features hundreds of incredible industry standard visual effects tutorials available for free! Check them out here:

It also has some impressive plugins for After Effects including the Element 3D plugin that allows you to work with native 3D objects in the 2D After Effects editor (This makes complex compositing so much easier!)

Check it out here:

You can also view all the tutorials on Youtube and join their channel:

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Bensound for Free Music

Bensound offers some incredible free ‘royalty free’ music that you can download and use in your Youtube videos, projects and social media type stuff

Click the link below to listen to one of the many free music files available for download

Bensound.com has been created by Benjamin TISSOT also know as Bensound, a Composer and Musician based in France who has been creating music for more than 10 years.

The ones with the download button are free!

You can use the music as it is, but you can’t use it for a remix or to edit into a new and different song, that is because it is given to you under the creative commons 3.0 license. You can of course use only a part of the song and add simple fades, etc.

If you download a song for free then it is important that you give a credit back to the website by simply adding the following text in your descriptions:

music: http://www.bensound.com

I find it really useful for adding to my Youtube videos and my Udemy series tutorials.

I hope you have found this resource helpful

Could you shoot a movie using one lens?

I have just read an interesting article on the Redshark website regarding movies that have been shot using just one lens on their camera.

Obviously most low to no budget movies have to use one lens on their cameras due to budget restrictions, but are there any Hollywood or big budget movies that have also been shot using just one camera lens.

The answer is yes, check out this article to find out which movies: